Where do freezers come from?

Our beautiful side-by-side freezer was packed.  Jammed.  Piled.  Too full to be useful.  We needed a new, bigger, dedicated freezer and wanted to find a used one to save some coin.  Craigslist and local appliance stores were sorta helpful, but nothing really rang our bell.

Then we heard of a foreclosure sale near us, where anything and everything had to be gone by Monday morning. We stopped by on Sunday afternoon and the scene was awesome…people pouring over furniture and fixtures alike.  In the garage we found our prey: an ivory Kenmore upright freezer full of frozen food.  We low-balled, ready to counter, but were instead asked to pay cash and come back in an hour.  Sixty minutes later we returned with a larger vehicle and found our freezer, next to a pile of rapidly-thawing food, ready to go.  We carried it past the guy with the U Haul van digging up plants, around the people carrying a thousand-pound marble console table, and into our car.  (Freezers aren’t very heavy, except for the end with the compressor, and don’t take up much room – a small SUV with the seats down should do it.)

It needed some cleaning – we used 409 outside, bleach inside, then soapy water all over – but we did that as quickly as we could and got it plugged in within about an hour.  (Once you have a trophy used freezer you want to keep it running – compressors are the kind of thing that go bad quickly once you turn them off.)  It fired back up and started making cold right away.  To our amazement, there’s even a vacuum seal that pulls the door tight when it closes.

The view inside more recently, after about two years of mofo-ing.

So my friends, keep up the search!  Your freezer is out there, chugging away quietly in the night, waiting to be found.

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