Where do freezers come from?

Our beautiful side-by-side freezer was packed.  Jammed.  Piled.  Too full to be useful.  We needed a new, bigger, dedicated freezer and wanted to find a used one to save some coin.  Craigslist and local appliance stores were sorta helpful, but nothing really rang our bell.

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Stuff It!

When C and I were first dating, he impressed me not only with his masculine wiles, but also with his abilities in the kitchen.  He cooked meals.  He enjoyed wine.  He washed dishes.  How could I not be impressed?  He made comfort food: fajitas, steak and potatoes, stir-fry, pork chops, pasta.  Unpretentious, cold-weather food.  Food that should have struck me as out-of-place – C was living in Florida at the time and I visited during the summer months – but I suppose I was too busy being impressed to notice.  One of the dishes that he masterfully crafted in that tiny apartment kitchen was stuffed shells in marinara sauce.  A simple dish, it is one that we return to periodically when we want something easy, filling and comforting.

Nothing says "ahhhh, comfort food" quite like the smell of fresh herbs.

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Fizzy Strawberry Lemonade

I chaperoned a school trip to Germany last summer and came home adding sparkling water to normal non-sparkling beverages. There’s something about the fizziness that makes any drink prepared this way extra refreshing… the perfect blend of soda and juice. Here’s one such result:

Fizzy strawberry and kiwi lemonade ready for drinking.
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mofo banana bread

We’re big eaters of bananas; J uses them in smoothies and C takes one to work for breakfast every weekday or puts one on his cereal in the weekends.  We don’t always plan perfectly, though, and sometimes they turn on us.  Rather than tossing those brown beauties in the compost we put them in the freezer and retrieve them later to banana bread.

Loaves of mofo banana bread in the oven.

Behold, she is a thing of beauty. And by "she" we mean banana bread.

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Smoove Move

Earlier this year, I made the decision to be more health-conscious with my breakfast choices.  That meant I had to put down the granola bar and find something with some lasting nutritional value.  Since my job is one where we report well before 8 AM and I’m unwilling to get up earlier to get a “proper” breakfast, my answer seemed obvious: smoothies!

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The Premise

This is a blog about eating better.  Plenty of people love to cook but have time to make real food just a few nights a week; we’re in that category.  So, when we make time to prepare something really delicious, we plan ahead: we cook enough to eat a fresh meal and freeze a meal.  Make one, freeze one.  Save time, save money, save yourself from mac & cheese or another night out.

This site will be about more than that, though. We’ll share what has and hasn’t worked for us, recipes for lots of other things we eat and drink that don’t require freezing, and some background about where our food comes from.

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